Muireann Ryan

Muireann left Ireland and her teaching profession when she was in her twenties to seek the highs of London and immerse herself in the world of acting training, performance and theatre, and has been on a quest to thrill audiences ever since.

Muireann has honed her skills as a Facilitator, Voice and Presence Coach. Driven by her passion to help people connect with their authentic voice, Muireann gets great satisfaction from enabling her clients to connect with themselves, before reaching out and exciting their audiences. Her work is an alchemy of sorts. Stemming from her teaching, singing and acting background she's continually researching and creating processes to support her clients with expressing their true best self. This work is often in alignment with The Core Story Authentic Voice Programmes, enabling clients to have a deeper connection to the impact they make on their audiences and the world.


She is an accomplished actor, singer and teacher. She has played lead roles on stage and screen. Her latest feature film, The Edge of Chaos (2020), is currently in Post Production. She was the Choir Director for the award winning Theatre Experience in Kilkenny Arts Festival 2019, ChapelX, where she was responsible for finding and curating a community choir that played an integral part of the piece. Her passion for bringing out the hidden voice in us all is evident in her involvement in many choirs over the years. Muireann studied her craft extensively including Meisner at the Actors Temple in London & Voice Technique at Bristol Old Vic. She can be found every now and then, singing favourite folk songs to the locals over a pint or two.



‘We have a limited amount of moments to enjoy while we are alive, I am passionate about my quest to be a better artist-human every day and to make each moment matter.’


Why not join Muireann on her ‘Voice and Presence‘ course?

Your voice is a gateway to communicating your thoughts, feeling, and emotions. Your presence is the unseen way you communicate with other people. This one-to-one coaching course will bring you on a journey to uncover and embrace the power of your true voice. Click Here for information.


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