Margo van de Linde

Margo is a Presence & Voice Coach, Stand-up Poet, facilitator of Creative Journeys for teams, and a Theatre Director.

The versatility of these fields mirrors how she works - intuitively, playfully, and with care. Her aim is to help speakers find the state of natural ease, whether for an audience of 1 or 100.

“When I was a kid I recall spending most of my time experiencing the world around me as beautiful. What I wanted was to take this feeling and turn it into something. I made sculptures, ran around with a camera, drew pictures, wrote in my diary, dug time capsules into the soil and - above all - stood in front of imaginary audiences pretending to be whomever I wanted to be.

It was not about the end product. It was not about getting it perfect. It was not about receiving feedback. It was not about finishing something. It was not about them.

I deeply believe in finding that true essence of play in the way we speak and present now, as adults, in front of any audience."


Margo studied at Middlesex University London (BA Performing Arts), University of Amsterdam (BA Performance Studies), DAS Theatre (MA Theatre) specializing in improvised performance. And further trained with The Writer’s Collective, Roy Hart Voice, Boom Chicago Improvisation, Gestalt Coaching, The Art of Meditation, Saphire Imagery Work and others. She has written and directed a number of highly successful theatre works that toured across Europe. She continues to perform as a singer and MC. She runs a studio for creative encounters in Amsterdam called The Marmalade. She recently worked with Laura Stavinoha on her book ‘VOICE,’ a holistic guide to vocal awareness.


“It is my mission to show literally anyone that confidence and creativity come from the willingness to dive into the process rather than worrying about the outcome.”


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