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Is a 4-day workweek the cure for burnout?

Don’t you find it surprising that many work cultures and leaders still celebrate long hours and blind...

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What’s the point?

For those of you with teenagers, you’ll be familiar with the sullen r...

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Once upon a time – building company culture through narrative

According to Gallup, lack of employee engagement costs the global economy U...

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Burning out and switching off – how to restart the fire

Your work life spills over into your home life; this was never more apparen...

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The crisis of meaning in the workplace

In a world of failing political leadership, employees want to connect with ...

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HR Headquarters – Podcast Interview with Padraig Hyland

Story Telling is a key skill in the leadership toolkit and organisations should care about how it develops ...

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Inclusion is about belonging

“Not belonging is a terrible feeling. It feels awkward, and it hurts as if you were wearing someone else ...

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“When you’ve had privilege for so long, equality feels like oppression” – Ricky Gervais

October is Black History month in Ireland and the United Kingdom. A friend ...

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The Leadership Challenge when returning to work

As we return to work, we are aware that it is not leadership as usual. There has been a major shift in how ...

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