Authentic Leadership and Storytelling

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Authentic Leadership and Storytelling

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* Request a free 15-minute call back to get insight on how the programme might be of benefit to you.

The ‘Leadership Voice’ course is designed to give leaders the ability to influence and inspire others and to earn their trust quickly.

The process involves identifying and creating your unique story. Once you have completed the course you will be adept at story crafting and storytelling. This course has been successfully delivered to C-Suite and Senior leaders within major multinationals such as Heineken, DHL and Takeda. The course is made up of 3 Modules, spread over 13 weekly, one hour sessions.

Skills you will acquire

  • The course challenges you to think differently, to re-evaluate your perceptions and assumptions, so you can uncover your authentic voice and your leadership story.
  • Your leadership style will re-emerge with clarity, alignment and authenticity, so that your authentic voice becomes your everyday, natural voice.
  • You will develop the ability to craft structured stories and use them to bring people on a journey. 
  • You will have a story crafting toolbox that will enable you to tailor powerful, targeted stories with specific messages. 
  • You will instinctively know how to drive these narratives so that it influences and persuades positively With a ‘Leadership Voice’ you will be a more engaging, skilful and confident communicator with the ability to ‘hook’ audiences and engage them from the outset.


‘Leadership Voice’ is ideal for leaders who want to:

  • Bring focus and clarity to their business while engaging, exciting and motivating others. 
  • Speak with impact, to connect with and inspire others. 
  • Drive change and transformation within their organisation. 
  • Build stronger relationships with their people and teams. 
  • Build their own leadership brand. 
  • Be a more inspiring industry leader and/or thought leader.


The Coaching Journey

This module guides you on your journey to find your unique, authentic voice, experiencing it and exploring its power, leaving you with a renewed ability to connect with those you want to reach. 


In this module, you’ll be looking at the make-up of a well-crafted story, its structure, and the function of the various parts. By reflecting on specific and generic stories, go on to create a coherent narrative of your own, one that provides a sense of meaning and identity for you to communicate to your various audiences. 


In this module, we look at storytelling techniques you can use to differentiate your message in ways that engage and excite stakeholders. The right story well told, will bring your audience closer, enabling you to build better relationships, communicate your value and take stakeholders on a persuasive journey. 


How it works?


Within 24 hours of booking you will receive an email scheduling your first meeting.

The Plan

During the first meeting your personalised objectives will be set and a schedule set for delivery of the remaining 12 sessions.


Your personal Core Story coach will tailor the program to meet your objectives through a blended learning approach.


Coaching is delivered in a variety of ways depending on your needs and circumstances: Online meetings, webinars, town halls, masterclasses, In-house training, in your office … wherever you are.

No. While The Core Story’s methods and approach are based on key, proven elements, the process is entirely bespoke with courses tailored to your needs. Why not contact us to find out more?

The Core Story uses a variety of techniques drawn a number of creative and business disciplines, including acting, strategy development, leadership development, broadcasting and journalism.

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